Sunday, May 17, 2015

Poster Copy (Kim L)

What would happen if you could copy the body of someone you wanted from a poster? This apparently:

Extras | [gif version] [no effects] • Source: Unknown

I started messing with more effects and things... this came from a tutorial on creating fire in After Effects that I just bent around the girl a couple time. The best part about this is the small details... like the mirror. Bet you didn't even notice the reflection... magic. Also, this was actually supposed to be an attribute theft thing, so I'll tag it that way, but I never got around to morphing the poster of Kim to a version where she lost her assets. Sorry. Her face did blend with Kim's though, I did get that done.


  1. This is my favorite morph of all of your works! I had already seen the original, so was thrilled to see this one on your imgur page a few months ago. Are you planning to do any more celebrity shapeshifting morphs? I could make a few suggestions if so...

    1. I have a couple in my folder, but none that quite are like this one. I keep an eye for images like this, where you have a celebrity and a non-celebrity in a single image. The hard part is finding one I can work with and that isn't too creepy to do. I've been thinking instead to just do two images side by side and show it that way... probably what I'll do.