Sunday, May 22, 2016

Side Tracked

I almost finished the new chapter of Lesson Learned, then I got pulled into Jiggle & Grow 2.0.

Good news on J&G 2.0 though, I made some serious progress this weekend and all that's left is to fix the now broken "Dual Center Mode". What took so long was changing how everything handled the masks - in order for 'smush' to work all the layers need to be in a single composition. This meant all the masks needed to be put on the same layer at the beginning, very unlike all the previous versions. This creates tons of problems because the script was written to handle 2 masks during a run... whereas now it needs to handle up to 6, without knowing how many were there to begin with.

That being said, some new features found their way in:

  • Smushing: Allows for a line to be created for each breast that will effectively 'smush' the breast on that line. Can be used together so breasts no longer overlap each other when they crossover, they'll smush. Can also be used to have breasts fill on something, such as a table or arm. (Limited to one line per breast)
  • Final Product View: I don't know what to call this, but now when you are adjusting your masks to see how big you want them, you get to see all the masks at once instead of one at a time. Very helpful. And yes, the Smushing line is live as well, so you can see how it will affect your final result.
  • Top Layer Clothing: You can deem the top mask to be considered a clothing layer. This will allow people to create better animations with clothed breasts. All adjustments are made at the same time so people can see what things look like.
  • Improved Smear Points Picking: Just a general improvement to the code that controls the edge of the jiggles. Also now takes into account Top Layer Clothing options.
  • Better warning system: Every once and a while someone does something the script doesn't like or I didn't code to take into account. I've added more warnings and instructions on how to fix the problems so they can't occur in the first place. That doesn't mean it's perfect, but hopefully this will prevent some errors.

Once I finish the script up I'll be revamping the whole J&G pages with better tutorials and examples of what the script's options do.
As a kind of sad note: The smush option is crazy CPU intensive... I live in half res during testing.

Estimated Script Finish: May 25th/26th. (Completed on the 24th)
Estimated Release with revamped pages: May 30th

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