Sunday, August 27, 2017


Another age swap thing!

Extras | [stationary gif version] [stationary gifv] • Source: Brandi Love - Cali Sparks

I spent a long time transitioning the ages in Photoshop and wanted a way to show off the details, but I think that ended up being more of a distraction.

There is a whole image set with pictures like these and I wanted to make a whole story, but after the time it took to adjust just one image I lost interest. So use your imagination!


  1. Great job! There are so many details everywhere, the veins of the hands vanishing / appearing, the arm of the girl getting flabbier as she ages...

    I just saw the whole image set and I think that you managed to tell a whole story with a single picture very well.

    Also thank you for sharing the stationary version too!

  2. Fantastic job, as usual!

    Speaking of image sets, I found this one with Jordan Carver & Sexy Venera that you might find interesting:

    And more specifically this image:

    I just love the predatory glance Sexy Venera casts at Jordan Carver, calculating how much bigger she will get once she drains her dry.

  3. I love what you do!

  4. Hello, I saw this illustration and thought of your work. I hope you find it interesting.