Thursday, April 30, 2015

New Body

I was learning to morph faces by combining multiple faces together and transitioning between the two. This lady's face got mixed with Scarlett Johansson's.

Extras | [gif version] • Source Image: ???


  1. These kinds of morph are actually my favorite--the one you did with the girl comparing herself to Kim Kardashian might be my all-time favorite photomorph, in fact. Do you have any plans to do more of this kind of F2F/BE transformation?

    1. I enjoy these as well! I have a couple that are in this same kind of world, but most are also Attribute Theft ones, so it's not quite the same. I occasionally sort through "butterface" threads to see if there's an image I want to work with to try and do this exact thing, but so far I haven't found something I want to morph. That being said, I did go into my increased beauty folder to see what I've got and I found an image that I saved that could be nice, so hopefully someday.