Monday, May 11, 2015

Pure Expansion

There is audio to this one, it's just muted.

Extras | • Source: Nicole Aniston - Nighttime Romance from

If it fails to load try looking for it in the "Downloads" section above or direct link to streamable. This video disappears so often.

There are quite a few extras for this one so I needed to list them here:

Finding a place that would host this easily was tricky. I don't know what its beef was, but many webm hosts kept rejecting the file. Mediacrush was my host before, but they went down. They have since switched to imgrush and moved all the files over thankfully (now they're down). If this post ever goes down, just find the file in the mega folder.


  1. I CANNOT believe it. I just discovered your site via the Anri Okita scene from Naked Ambition. As I was scanning through all of your incredible works, my heart skipped a beat when I reached this post and saw the static screenshot of one of my all-time favorite moments in erotica: Nicole Aniston's pause/resume/pause/resume offscreen hip riding during Nighttime Romance. You couldn't have picked a better moment for that first expansion... It's like her breasts are absorbing all of the pleasure she gets inundated with at that exact moment. Even though you muted it (?), I could still hear her "" and followup panting as the expansion continued. Keep up the great work! I'm especially fond of your works on the Oh-In Hye, Malena Morgan, Bailey Rose, & Sara Stone/Avy Scott scenes. If you're looking for a new fan-for-life's recommendation, might I suggest this orgasmic sequence from Orgasms' Teachers Training Trip... some great intermittent bouncing with which to squeeze in some expansions. :)

    1. Thank you for the kind words, this one was certainly my best morphs! (It also took forever to do, heh)
      I'll look into your suggestion for when I come back from this hiatus of working on these, the angle seems a bit rough but I never really know what's going to happen until I start masking it out. You're right, her reactions and bounces seem like a good situation for some expansion to happen - thanks!