Monday, November 2, 2015


Second edition of Sharma. I'm a bit more partial to blue anyway, but this time the plan from the beginning was to do the same effect as "Pink" just much larger.

Extras | [gif version] [2] • Source: Sharma - Wicked Weasel (imgbox)

The details:

This was at 3000x3000 again, so the details were both awesome and annoying to work with. After the break there's a bit of a breakdown of the effects and how it was done if that's your thing.

First thing I did this time was start out by re-drawing what I needed first. This included under the hair, extra breast under the bikini, and most time consuming was redrawing the entire stomach without a shadow on it. (More on why I had to do that later.)

In after effects you mask everything out: Left Breast, Right Breast, Bikini, Stomach, and Hair. Then start layering on the effects.

The Breasts have quite a few effects on them, and perhaps the newest thing I've been doing is adding a bulge in her breasts that has proper shading. Then they have a bit of jiggle added on for flair.
Her bikini was a pain to work with because of its shape, so the reshape effect didn't want to cooperate so I resorted to using Re:Flex Warp. It works better, but is really slow. The tediousness of having her right breast come over the bikini line is still a pain to deal with. This time I put the bikini layer on top, the used a subtracting mask to cut out the breast when it's supposed to travel over. Because of this, I had to put back the very subtle shadow on the bikini where it meets the breasts (otherwise it lost its thickness.)

The bikini and hair then both got a bit of bounce to go along with the jiggle on the breasts. Fun times.

Then there's that shadow. Oh dear, the shadow. Let's just say recreating a shadow is a pain, but moving that shadow is even worse. Because the shadow moves and has to keep some of the shading from below, it can't just be a solid, meaning it needs to be an effect with transparency. But, having a transparent effect be effected by a CC Smear (for bounce) while still being contained to the torso area was a task to setup. I can't really put into words how this was done... it just got done.

I made this at the end so you can see what adding shadows/highlights does for morphs:



  1. You promised and delivered. Bigger was clearly better! Nicely done Snapple =D

    Is this the last we'll see of Sharma under your magical touch?

    1. Thanks!
      Her pictures are really nice, but I don't like to repeat too often and I think there's maybe only 1 image I would even attempt, but maybe someday.

    2. She's certainly a pretty lass, and brought out a great work from ya. Can't wait to see what new things are up your sleeve!