Saturday, December 26, 2015

Down to Business

Napping in that type of outfit can only have one outcome... the outfit should no longer fit.

Extras | [gif] [<2mb gif] [Stationary webm] [Stationary gif] • Source: Bitch na Ano Musume ni Seikatsu Shidou!

I spent a lot longer on this than I originally had, but finishing it kind of became a priority to end the madness. If the moving bothers you, watch the stationary version instead. I can't decide if I like moving the 'camera' or not, but here it looked nicer than not. I didn't use any script, though I probably should have.
I made this as my spidey-sense was tingling: I don't normally check 4chan for things, but I ran across the BE thread and low and behold I was mentioned. Thankfully it wasn't bad or anything, just a mention that I don't really make things anymore because of other things, etc. So, I made this to help out the thread.


  1. I think the moving actually adds quite a lot to the feel of the morph. The stationary version certainly makes it a lot more apparent but the moving camera honestly makes it appear a lot more like an anime or visual novel video. Its an awesome touch Snapple, and I think you did a good job with it.

    1. Thanks! I'll keep trying the movement for the drawn ones and see where it goes.

  2. Great Job yet again.