Friday, December 25, 2015

Jiggle and Grow Script (beta)

Jiggle and Grow Script has been kicked back to a beta version as I found a critical flaw in its design: it relies on reshape. Why this is a problem is that as things bounce the reshape effect has a cow over where things should go. There wasn't an issue with it when I was testing it because everything I ran it on was a straight frontal picture... throw it a side boob + nipple and things break... badly. Also, it really cannot handle boobs in "clothes".

Because of this I'm not comfortable calling it done, but since it will need to be re-coded entirely, I thought I'd at least put this out there for anyone who wants to try it. It works great on boobs from the front though.

Download Jiggle and Grow (Update: Please download the updated Jiggle and Grow Script instead)

Drop that file into your After Effects Script folder (C:/Programs/Adobe/After Effects version/Scripts/).
Then you can run it in AE: File -> Scripts -> Jiggle and Grow.

Mask off the boob. Run the script. It will duplicate the mask for you.
Run the script again (this will be fixed in later versions). This time, adjust only the new mask to the desired size. Making sure that at least some of the anchor points stay put (usually the ones at the top).
When done, run the script one last time and it will add all the fun stuff.
All you need to do now is keyframe the reshape's percent and it will add jiggle in automatically.

I would consider this beta for people who are familiar with AE or at least in using my other script.

If anyone was really looking forward to this, I apologize, I will try and get the next version out soon. Because I can't use the reshape effect for this now, I'm left with using the puppet tool - which I have no experience working with. I can't use liquify, or run anything off of it, because liquify's displacement map is a custom variable (like Reshape's correspondence points) so nothing can touch them except the user.


  1. So pumped you're on to creating a new script. Not that your last one didn't work amazingly well, but the easier it is for the masses to use, the easier it will be for everyone to make new content. I was planning on doing a run through of your latest tutorial now that the holidays are over. Would you think it's worth it to invest the time in learning the method you previously used? Or would it be best to just start getting familiar with using these new scripts?

    Anyway, keep up the good work. Happy new year!

    1. The new one is definitely easier, but is so limited in what it can handle. I'd say if you want to work on images that are front only (& no clothes), the new one would be the way to go.

      The old script works on anything, but has to be setup in the right way to work correctly. (Which is frankly its problem, it is extremely user unfriendly)

      It'll be awhile until I can get things working again because it's kind of like starting over as the Reshape Effect was the main tool, and without that I'm kind of lost. The Puppet tool wasn't made for this, so I don't think it'll work either. For the time being, I'm stumped.