Sunday, June 14, 2015

There's an App for that

Open pinch to increase bust, double swipe up to defy gravity.

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I didn't have any intention of doing this type when I started it, but when I made the breasts large the first time I thought they looked a bit saggy compared to what I normally do. Instead of fixing it, I added the perkiness back in as a second effect. That's when it really looked like someone expanding her breasts, but then not liking the shape, so then adding some perk back in. This gave me the idea of making it look like an app in a phone. Maybe technology will get there some day.


  1. Oh my god. I love this, I really hope this becomes a thing, a series. Like, The Snapple App - Breast Expansion and More with a Snap-ple! In absolute all honesty I really do like this concept, and I hope you pursue this, it'd be so amazing <3

  2. Wow, awesome! This is a really great idea for a morph. Perhaps you could combine it with the attribute theft or increased beauty morphs as well?