Friday, June 26, 2015

Volume 1 Complete

Volume 1 of Lesson Learned has been completed! It took a lot of writing, but I really wanted to finish it so I could start other things.
I also made a pdf of the whole thing if you want to read it that way, it's all there.

Part 8 is the longest chapter, but I think probably the hottest. (Ok... maybe the mother's scenes come close depending on your kinks) Either way, I had fun writing it. So thank you to those of you who read it, I do hope it was entertaining. There are plans for a second volume, but not any time soon.

There's also a bit of a rant after the break on this post.

I'm not strapped for cash or anything, but I think everyone considers trying to take in some extra money when they can.
Recently a ton of content creators have been switching to Patreon as it's a way to get paid, with relative consistency, for a hobby. I mean, it looks like a good plan, you make content, get a fan base, then switch to a donation based paywall so that those people who want to support you can do so. The assumption then is that the content behind the paywall either gets better or there's more of it.
It's hard to generalize what happens since each content creator is different in what they promise and what they deliver on once they are being paid, but I would like to think they aren't just making a money grab. I'm sure some people do that - there are always people like that - but some creators really could use the support and really step up once they have a bit more financial support.

That being said, I've entertained the idea of switching to that type of model. Let me say right away, the answer is: no.

Two reasons stand out as problematic:

1 | I use pictures of people, or artwork, and although I could probably make a case for Fair Use as the intention is to create something new... that's flimsy at best. Regardless, if someone decided to take me to court I'd lose either way in fees. Because I'm reliant on using images I find online, as in I'm not creating something from nothing like a drawing or video of myself, I'm as the mercy of the original copyright holder. Right now the worst thing that could happen is I'm asked to take something down... if I start collecting money though, that changes a lot.

2 | I make things as a hobby, I don't want to make this a job. Even if I offered to accept 'donations', I'd feel obligated to work to repay that. Or worse, people donating and attaching a request to it... that would be a nightmare to balance out.

Anyway, I'm sorry to use this place as a blog instead of an image posting board, but it's something that has come up a bit more frequently with people asking if I take commissions or things like that.



  1. Some folks use patreon as just a way to get donations. Patrons don't get extra content, they get (for example) the right to make suggestions and/or requests, to see content early, to watch it get made, that sort of thing.

    1. That's a good point, that sounds like a much fairer approach than the ways I've seen it used.